Pool Heater Installation and Repair

You are all suited up, excited for some fun in the sun so you dive into the middle of your pool – only to be shocked by the freezing cold water. Little did you realize that your pool heater stopped working that is until you jumped in! Ugh!

Most people do not want to be in freezing cold water even in the heat of the Florida weather. If you want to enjoy your pool in more soothing, comfortable temperatures your pool heater should be working properly.


There are three specific reasons on why you need to have your pool heater repaired sooner rather than later.


You Want to Use Your Pool Again

When your pool heater is not working, your pool becomes an attractive pond. As in, it looks nice, but it is too cold for you to swim in, and it is pointless to have a pool you cannot swim in. The last thing you want is family and friends coming for a visit only to find they cannot take a dip under the afternoon sun. While that is the most obvious reason to have your pool heater repaired, the next two reasons dive a little deeper.


Noise May Mean It is Getting Worse

If your pool heater is making strange noises, as though you can hear something grinding or the occasional bang, that means there could be debris in the system. While normally only a minor problem, if this debris is not flushed from the system, it could lodge somewhere and cause additional problems. Noise may also be a sign that your pool heater is operating even after the pump turns off, costing you extra money and reducing the lifespan of your pool heater. You can choose to ignore the problem and pay for it later, or you could deal with it now while it is still an easy fix.


It Can Be a Safety Hazard

One reason we focus on pool heater repair in Florida is that we recognize that a malfunctioning pool heater may become a hazard to you and your family. There can be electrical faults of which can have serious consequences if they are not dealt promptly. As a rule, only experts should deal with electrical issues, as the cost of making a mistake is extremely high.


Pool Heater Repair

Our team of experts has over years of dealing with pool heater repairs in Florida. We have seen all the common problems, the advances in pool heater technology, and the changes in the pools themselves. This experience allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose whatever problem you may be having and find a way to fix it. Do not let your pool go to waste. Contact us for more information about pool heater repair in Florida immediately, and we will find a way to help you. We service and repair all major brands of pool heaters.


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