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Important news for 2023
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Estimates & Proposals

Eskimo Brothers AC has a strict policy when it comes to your Estimate or Proposals for your new air conditioning system. We believe that buying a new system for your home is a big decision and investment that should provide energy efficiency and comfort for your family. The following are the few Major items of the Eskimo Brothers AC guarantee!

Full Coverage Part and Labor Guarantee!

Unlike other guarantees from other companies, we offer a Full Coverage Guarantee! Eskimo Brothers AC will service repair or replace part and labor of any part breakdown or failure pertaining to your new system installation for a minimum coverage of 1 year.*

No Funny Business Guarantee!

When a Eskimo Brothers AC representative tells you that everything is included for the correct installation of your system, we mean it!, Our Proposals have a breakdown of parts listed that are included in addition to your new system installation, we replace all misc. parts that complement the system.*

* In exception to line-set and duct work unless included to be replaced as the scope of work.

FPL Rebates

This is one more reason why Eskimo Brothers AC should be the Contractor of choice. Eskimo Brothers AC offers full instant rebate credited to all qualified FPL Customers at the time of purchase.


Eskimo Brothers AC does not sub-contract installations! Our technicians are EPA certified and must attend continued education classes to be up to date on all new technology and installation requirements.


All work is to be permitted and installed to meet City, State and National code standards.


Eskimo Brothers AC has multiple licenses to cover all requirements including and not limited to Certified State License and local Count and City license.

Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

This is perhaps the up most important factor that most business and homeowners fail to request from their contractors. Accidents are unpredictable and hiring a contractor without it would be a nightmare! Eskimo Brothers AC has a $1,000,000 liability policy to protect your home from damages and all employees are covered with workers compensation Insurance.

No Nights or Weekend Charges

This is so important in the decision making of your new HVAC System as breakdowns are unpredictable, Eskimo Brothers AC does not discriminate on customers that have a labor warranty, and unlike other companies we will service you in the evening, weekend or any Holiday that we are open.


Call us today and experience why we have the best customer service!

Our company offers a free estimate for an air conditioning replacement in your home. As part of our AC service, we will be happy to come out and give you quote, backed by a firm price guarantee. We are in the interest of keeping customers for life, not the right now. We also offer a ten year warranty on parts and equipment size guarantee. Make us your first call and see how seamless your AC replacement can be.


Air Conditioning Replacement Company

The average lifespan of a central AC unit these days is about 15 years. Of course, in our climate they tend to work a little harder and a little longer than the rest of the country. This means that you may need an air conditioning replacement sooner than 15 years. When that time comes, we are ready to help! We have been an air conditioning contractor in this area for almost two decades, so we know what our clients expect. When you call us, you can count on your call being answered in person any time and any day of the year. We know air conditioning problems are very stressful and that they do not pay attention to the clock or calendar when they happen. We also know that temperature effects temperament. There is no need to compound that stress by having your call ignored or go to an answering service. Call us for a quick resolution! Tell us about your problem and see how quickly we can get an air conditioning replacement for you.

We are happy to be able to provide a free estimate on any air conditioning replacement. This is a major step for any home owner, and will affect your house for many years to come. You need to be armed with knowledge before we get started. Part of a good estimate is knowing what type of unit you are looking for. Did you know that units that are too large wear out more quickly just like units that are too small? We will take a close look at the square footage in your home to make sure we get the right unit for you. We guarantee that the size we recommend for your air conditioning replacement will be able to handle keeping your home cool; otherwise we will put the right size in for free. Let us come out and take a look at your central air conditioning today!

We are proud of our team. Every one of our techs is certified and we have an in-house training program to keep us all up to date on the latest in AC technology. When one of our marked vans pulls up to your home for an air conditioning replacement, you can be sure that you are getting the highest level of workmanship and customer service. Our techs will always wear a uniform and a name tag, and have all passed background checks and drug tests. For fast any time service by a professional air conditioning contractor without an “after hours fee,” call us right away.

At Eskimo Brothers AC & Heating we pledge that if the performance of the system is not what we said it would be at the time of our initial assessment of your home, then we will make it right. We will go through the process of completing heat loads on every home to make sure the system is sized and properly set up for every job. If a component fails, we will make unlimited trips to make necessary repairs at no charge. If we cannot repair a recurring issue, we will replace the failing component housing (air handler, condenser, or furnace) at no charge. If the replacement component fails and we are unable to correct the recurring issue, you may request a refund of purchase price less 25% restocking fee within one year of the new component install. Please submit any recurring issue in writing in order to take advantage of this 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is void if ductwork recommendations are rejected by the home owner, an addition is made on the home or if walls are moved, added, or removed. Heat load is changed by cutting down trees shading the home, adding large windows or appliances.

Conditions not covered in 100% satisfaction guarantee:

⦿ Water leaks
⦿ Air flow issues unless duct work was completely replaced
⦿ Noise nuisance
⦿ Recurring issues not submitted in writing
⦿ Issues arising outside of original install agreement
⦿ Non reoccurring issues
⦿ Damage to structures due to operating system during failures causing water leaks
⦿ Issues arising due to abuse or neglect of maintenance
⦿ Issues arising from not following manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule
⦿ Temperature satisfaction without proper insulation or ductwork
⦿ Improper use of equipment including thermostat
⦿ If unit is operational as designed by the manufacturer
⦿ High Power bills

To invoke the 100% satisfaction guarantee, customer must:

⦿ Agree that issue was not fixed after failed attempts per above guidelines
⦿ Remedy must be within the original scope of job
⦿ Must allow 15 business days for remedy to be completed
⦿ Refund will be less 25% restocking fee
⦿ If equipment is under an extended labor warranty, an additional $450 will be deducted from refund.

⦿ General repairs – 90 days parts and labor
⦿ Drain line clearing – 30 days
⦿ Labor – 1 year from original install date

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